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This rust-free Arizona pick-up runs and drives perfectly. Driving on the motorway at 75 mls / h is easy. The truck is a great vehicle - everything works and there are no leaks or other problems. The chassis is almost perfect with small dents and scratches - just like the loading area. No rust and the paint is in good condition. In addition, all seals and vacuum lines that had to be replaced were replaced.

The truck is very original and was registered in California until January 2019.


Brand: Chevrolet

Model: Scottsdale

First registration: 1981

Condition: very good

Type: SUV / pick-up

Color: brown

Interior color: beige

Drive: Left-hand drive


  • New engine GM 350 (5.735 liters) was installed at 98.370 miles

  • Mileage: 82.750 miles

  • New spark plugs, wires, oil change and timing

  • TH350 transmission (rebuilt 16.000 miles ago)

  • NP208 transfer case, 4 × 4 works as it should

  • Quadrajet 4 bbl carburetor (rebuilt 4.000 miles ago, just tuned by Carb Shop)

  • Rigid Chevy 10 bolts front axle with manual lock

  • Rear axle G80 lock with 2.73 gears

  • Quadruple front shock absorber

  • Front disc brakes (brand new pads)

  • Rear drum brakes

  • New AC Delco fuel and servo pump

  • Completely new double exhaust system with long exhaust manifolds

  • Brake clutch with tractor

  • Factory air conditioning

  • New Blaupunkt Dallas 5023 radio with remote control and Bluetooth

  • Two gas tanks, each with 20 gallons (75.7l) capacity

  • Brand new Hankook 31 × 10.5r15 (255/75 R15) (all-terrain tires with E4 marking)

  • Front grill protection

  • Two previous owners

Old documents available, such as:

  • Copy of proof of purchase dated November 28, 1980

  • Service parts identification

  • Warranty card

  • Service interval card

  • Weighing card 01.02.2018 (2050 kg)

  • Smog check from 01.02.2018

  • Carburettor check service receiptfrom 26.02.2018

  • Notes of all work since 1981

  • Original 1981 Chevrolet Owner's and Driver's Manual Title State of California



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