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This vehicle was one of the first to go off the production line with production number 49.641 on May 27, 1964 in Dearborn, Michigan and was sold by a dealer in San Jose, CA. Since then, the vehicle has only been in California.

An absolutely real and therefore rare 1964 ½ series. Due to its excellent condition, it can be used as a daily vehicle or as a vivid reminder of this era to find its place in a collection.

A real 1964 ½ with rarity value, which with much dedication and expertise was brought from the owner of a Mustang spare parts shop in its own workshop with restored original parts and high-quality spare parts even better than the original condition. The V8 engine was also completely disassembled and is, after

professional assembly, only a few hundred kilometers.

The vehicle is a "head turner" and has been awarded various prizes at many shows in California.


Brand: Ford

Model: Mustang

First registration: 1964

Power (HP): 166

Condition: very good

Type: Cabrio

Color: white

Interior color: red

Drive: Left-hand drive


  • VIN # 5F08F149641

  • Engine: 260 ci (4.260 liters)

  • V8 / 2 engine

  • 3-speed manual transmission

  • Wimbledon white paint

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